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Since our Party’s inception on, April 15, 1944, we have continually worked to elect strong DFL candidates to public office, act as a voice for the people of our state, and to encourage all citizens to become politically active in their communities. In the course of our Party’s history, much has been accomplished and we at the DFL Party will continue working for a better Minnesota and nation into tomorrow and beyond.
The Minnesota Seventh Congressional District DFL supports and works to enact the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party and strives to sustain the foundations in our Party’s grassroots history. We believe that every American and Minnesotan, regardless of their background or other immutable traits, has a right to stable employment with fair wages, to proper education, to raise and provide for a family, to accessible and affordable healthcare, to live in safe communities, and to retire with dignity and security.



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Jennifer Cronin

Congressional District 7 DFL Chair

Pipestone County


Pipestone County DFL Chair

Senate District 22 Director

State Executive Committee

Rural Caucus

State Standing Committee:  Party Affairs and Coordinated Campaign

State Standing Committee: Operations


Paul Schwarz

Congressional District 7 Vice Chair

Chippewa County

Chippewa County DFL Chair
State Executive Committee
Collin Peterson for Congress, Field Coordinator

Laurie Driessen

Laurie Driessen

Congressional District 7 Secretary
Yellow Medicine County


Senate District 16 DFL Chair

Yellow Medicine County DFL Vice Chair

Secretary, Rural Caucus

State Standing Committee: Platform Issues and Legislative Affairs

State Executive Committee, At Large

State Standing Committee: Constitution Rules and Bylaws

Image by Garrett Cumber

 Terry Vanderpol

Congressional District 7 Treasurer

Chippewa County DFL Treasurer


Logan Kortgard

Congressional District 7 Outreach and Inclusion

Kandiyohi County


Kandiyohi County Communications Coordinator

Rural Caucus Communications Committee Co-Chair

CD7 DFL Directors

  • Mike Simpkins, Beltrami County (Rural Caucus Vice Chair, Beltrami County DFL Board, State Central Committee) 

  • Rosemary Martin, Lyon County (Senate District 22 Director, Rural Caucus)

  • Athena Gracyck, Clay County (Clay County DFL Vice Chair, Rural Caucus Director, State Standing Committee: Party Affairs and Coordinated Campaign)

  • Tristan Bergmann, Pipestone County (Pipestone County DFL Director, State at Large SCC, State Standing Committee: Constitution Rules and Bylaws, Rural Caucus)

  • Duane Ninneman, Big Stone County (Big Stone County DFL Director)

  • Connie Velde, Yellow Medicine County (Yellow Medicine County DFL Secretary, Senate District 16 DFL Secretary, State Central Committee, Rural Caucus)

  • Dyna Sluyter, Lyon County (Senate District 22 DFL Outreach & Inclusion, Lyon County DFL Outreach and Inclusion, State Standing Committee: Outreach & Inclusion)

  • LeAnn Dean, Stevens County

  • Sarah Hill-Klabunde, Mahnomen County (State Standing Committee: Platform Issues and Legislative Affairs, Rural Caucus Director, SD2 Director, State Central Committee)

  • Lillian (Lil) Ortendahl, Todd County (State Standing Committee: Budget, Senate District 9 Director, State Central Committee, DFL Senior Caucus, DFL Disability Caucus, Rural Caucus, Todd County DFL Director)

  • William Mose, McLeod County

  • Jim Stone, Yellow Medicine County (Rural Caucus)

  • David Pederson, Clay County (Clay County DFL Director, Senate District 4 Director)

  • Alan Perish: Todd County (Todd County DFL Chair, Senate District 9 DFL Chair, 2020 CD7 Electoral College Alternate, Rural Caucus, State Standing Committee: Platform Issues and Legislative Affairs, State Standing Committee: Budget)

  • Jim Falk, Swift County (Swift County DFL Chair)

State Executive Committee at Large

  • Tim Velde, Yellow Medicine County (Yellow Medicine County DFL Chair, Senate District 16 Vice Chair, State Standing Committee: Operations, State Central Committee, Rural Caucus)


Our Constitution & Bylaws

Follow the link below to read our constitution and bylaws.